Usufruct in Thailand

Usufruct in Thailand

Usufruct in Thailand. Foreigners drawn to Thailand’s vibrant property market face limitations on outright land ownership. However, a clever legal mechanism called usufruct provides an alternative path to enjoying the benefits of property ownership. A usufruct grants temporary ownership rights, allowing foreigners to use and enjoy a Thai property for a specified period. In essence, […]

Property Market in Thailand

Property Market in Thailand

Property Market in Thailand. Thailand’s property market is a thriving, dynamic industry that draws in both domestic and foreign investors looking for profitable ventures. Thailand provides a wide variety of real estate options, from peaceful beachside villas to busy metropolitan condominiums, so there is something for everyone in the market. Thailand’s real estate industry has […]

Mortgages in Thailand

Although Thailand’s property ownership laws are becoming more open, mortgage options for foreigners who want to purchase residential and commercial properties remain limited. Nevertheless, there are some options available. For example, UOB has a loan facility that’s exclusive for foreigners who buy condominium units. Meanwhile, ICBC and MBK Guarantee offer financing to buyers from Singapore, […]

Common Real Estate Problems in Thailand

Real estate law in Thailand is not heavily regulated and this can lead to some unscrupulous activities. For example, foreigners are not allowed to own land outright but they can purchase condominium units. More serious cases of property fraud involve encroachment on protected reserves or development of land that is illegally classified as state-owned. Less […]

Buying a Real Estate in Thailand

If you’re thinking of buying a real estate in thailand, you’ll be happy to know that the country has strong property ownership laws and a secure title system. This makes it a great place for investors. Foreigners can own condo units in Thailand, but not the land on which they are built. To purchase land, […]

Property Taxes in Thailand

Investing in real estate can be an exciting venture, and Thailand has long been a favored destination for property investments. As an investor or homeowner in Thailand, understanding the intricacies of property taxes is crucial. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to property taxes in Thailand, including the types of taxes, their […]

Property Title Transfer in Thailand

Property title transfer in Thailand involves the process of legally transferring ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. Here are the general steps involved in the property title transfer process in Thailand: Sale Agreement: The first step is to enter into a sale agreement with the seller, which outlines the terms and […]

Buying a Home and Property Title Transfer in Thailand

Having your own house is a dream of every person. However, to own a home requires a lot of legal procedures and rules that need to be followed. In Thailand, the process of buying a home and property title transfer is quite complicated and needs to be handled with care. It is therefore highly recommended […]

How to Find a Sales Contract Review in Thailand

When it comes to buying property in Thailand, it is important to get a Sales Contract Review before you sign the contract. This will help you to avoid any legal issues that may arise in the future. It will also ensure that you are getting a fair deal for the property. Buying and selling properties […]

The Importance of Property Due Diligence in Thailand

Due Diligence in Thailand

In Thailand, it is essential to perform Due Diligence on a property before you buy it. This involves checking whether the land is legitimate and free from any encumbrances. It also includes investigating the seller and developer’s background. Performing Due Diligence on a Property in Thailand is very important as it helps you avoid any […]